Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Appreciation

I am an artist for you.

Last year was a wonderful year for me. I was fortunate enough to start it as an artist, only known by family, to having a wide circle of friends and fans that I am able to grow with. Their are countless people that have made 2013 as fantastic as it was, and I would like to honor them:

- Family: The most appreciation goes to my family for supporting and trusting any decision that I decide to make. I know many of my moves can seem unclear to anyone other than myself, but they give me their trust that I am moving in a positive direction. Without them, my path would be unimaginably more difficult. Thank you for being as solid as rocks!

- Friends: Many of my friends didn't know I was an artist until I started releasing my work to the public. When I began showing my pictures to my friends who are not artists, it was a bit racking, because people can react positively and negatively. While both opportunities were seized, the majority has been very kind and encouraging. I knew my work was not good when I first started showing, but art is my destiny and knowing that whatever I drew was going to be displayed really motivated me to improve. When people respond to my pieces, in a good or bad way, big or small, it really inspires me to keep moving forward. Thank you all for being the first audience I get to work for!

- The Panel: This goes for all the people who worked in The Panel and for those who were fans. The show was really helpful to me as an artist and continues to do so as I still contemplate many of the discussions we had. Not only did I learn from our conversations, but I learned about the necessary work required to put together a show such as this one. Also, I have met and made so many excellent friends because of this show. There has to have been 40+ people who I was able to meet for the first time. I'm really glad to have had the experience of the first art-related work team I've been on and will use what I learned henceforth. Thank you all for making the community rich and interesting!

- Stockton ROX: I've just known of this organization for a few months, but have been quite impressed with its accomplishments. And it is very incredible that I have been able to be a small part of it too. We will do some amazing things together and I feel pleasure in knowing that we will be able to watch each other grow. Thank you for the support and for Roxing.

If you are a person who I talk to and we converse, you inspire me. So thank you all for making 2013 spectacular and I am very excited to experience all that will be in 2014. I'm going to continue working as I have been and plan to make you all proud!

I am an artist for you.