Friday, December 27, 2013

Final Fantasy Collab

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Monk from Final Fantasy I

This week I joined a mega-collaboration! It's really fun to work together with others, I am looking forward to when we are all finished and get to see our accomplishment. The project is organized by Edward Recinos( and we will be drawing nearly all the characters from all of the Final Fantasy games, and they will be put together when every artist has finished drawing his/her character. There are a few more characters available and nearly anyone can join, so rush to the previous tumblr link and grab yourself a character! I joined the effort later than many others so I had to race through the selections until I got a slot, which I was quite happy about. My character is the Monk, from Final Fantasy I. The earliest version I played was Final Fantasy II so I'm glad to have expanded my knowledge of the series.

There are loads of characters and just as many artists involved in this project and while the concluding picture will be really big, we are each doing a little piece of it. This is a wonderful reminder of how powerful we are when we utilize teamwork! Let's keep up the positive buzz so we can create a richer community.

Thank you again goes to Edward for putting in the time to organize this and giving back the community.

Have a good day. :)