Friday, January 10, 2014

Positive Procrastination

Like many things that are typically viewed as negative, they can actually be positive with an optimistic perception. I view procrastination as a tool that can be used in multiple ways. I know it is not productive to play games for many hours, every day. If I do want to do something such as play video games, then instead of slopping down instantly, I can do a couple sketches, maybe for a half of an hour. Then what happens is pretty wonderful! I get into the bliss of drawing and lose the desire to game. I have one other example of this: I had a friend who was trying to be more healthy and whenever the thirst arrived for soda, she would drink two cups of water first, then she would want the soda no longer.

What is your perception? Can you see the PROS of procrastination? Try flipping things around: put off the leisure activities for 30 minutes(or some short time) and see what happens. Perhaps, it will even make the relaxing times more precious. =)