Friday, October 18, 2013

The X Sites

I compiled these helpful sites into a list, each one has proven to be worth visiting many times:

Ctrl+Paint is a free learning resource dedicated to the basics of digital painting. Here, Matt Kohr does such an excellent job in providing comprehensive lessons about digital painting that can be useful for all levels of artists. Some of them are short and quick, while others are longer and more in-depth. With the convenient organization and quality exercises this is a fantastic online resource to begin learning about digital painting.

This is a site I have been enjoying for a long time. One of my favorite things to draw is gestures/actions. Here, there are quite a few amenities to help those of similar interest. The figure drawing practice is what I like the most about this site and the reason is because real photographs are used and there are some options for what type of models the user prefers. If you cannot attend a live figure drawing class, this may be the next best alternative.

Illustration Friday is a weekly drawing challenge and participatory art exhibit brought to us by Illustration Age( This site is really fun, every Friday a topic is posted and we have until the next Friday to come up with our interpretation of it and upload it here. Tis a nice place for light work and community building!

FreelanceSwitch is a community of expert freelancers from around the world. If you are a beginner or are experienced, this is a wonderful site, full of valuable knowledge to gain some seasoning in the industry. There is so much rich opportunity here, such as opinions from other freelancers, forums, job boards, and referrals to other helpful resources. There is almost too much to cover here, but this site is like a piece of gold, now go grab it.

Chris Oatley is a very kind artist who, genuinely, wants to build up the community, he does his part in this through teaching. He has lessons available online that people can purchase, at very low cost. He also puts out articles and newsletters that are quite interesting and helpful. It is inspiring to see people who put in loads of work, so this is an artist to look up to.

The art of Drew Lewis: this is a dedicated artist specializing in sci-fi work. If you feel stuck at your desk working and not having much contact with the outside world, he puts together articles about activity throughout the entertainment industry, so its nice to read what he has to say. Allow his articles to be your life-preserver.

The remaining sites are not art-specific, but still enjoyable:

I love audio books and this site is FULL of them, and completely free. Also, many of them are old classics that can be listened to and learned from. What is so nice about this site is that, if you are an audio book fan, you do not have to maintain your own organization or library, they are already well-organized and easily-available.

This is a site that can be helpful to anyone who is chasing greatness. The articles of Amtej Dosanjh are hardcore. They can really help people push towards their goals and decimate barriers. If you want an inspiration boost, definitely check these articles out. Keep it up.

Pronounced as 'yack it to me,' this is a text-to-speech site. It is really convenient if you want to enjoy some writing, but your eyes are occupied. Just paste some text on the site and it will be read aloud. This is helpful for when I want to read loads of articles, but also want to work, now I can listen to them all with time-effeciency.

Yes, this site too, where else would you get all these sites in one place? I put up a new post every Friday with the hopes of meeting new artists and enjoying more of the community. You can subscribe and follow via e-mail and become aware of every new post!

If any of you are attending CTNX next month, let me know and
Have a good day. =)