Friday, October 11, 2013

Archive Fest

Archive ideas so when we cannot come up with a new one, there is a list waiting to be utilized because waiting for some material can be painful =(. That sounds quite simple, but I have still messed it up... I have noted ideas only to return to them in the future and not even understand that which I had written. For example: I walked by an outdoor recreation center with a really nice gazebo and mini-fencing, I felt the hunger to draw a party in that setting. So I noted "Outdoor party with white fence," and left it at that. Some time later, I viewed some of my notes and saw "Outdoor party with white fence." I  did not understand the vision and received no inspiration or inclination... That was a bad attempt at preserving an idea. Therefore, now I allocate with a bit more detail and clarification. Maybe a quick photograph, or I'll stop what I am doing and sketch until I feel that the idea will be re-understood in the future.

I have another version of ideas I keep. They are really vague visions of something that I don't see in its entirety, but still has potential value. I feel the best way to showcase this is to present some examples:

To me, this looks like a fat caterpillar/reptile with a dome-shaped hat or maybe a laughing worm with shoes.

A falling person, but the scribbles around give me an idea of falling down the eye of a tornado or into a cloud.

I see a bunch of settings that can be put into this. Someone lecturing, telling a joke or two people arguing? Any can do.

This one doesn't seem to have as much freedom as the others, but it can be tweaked to fit different versions. 

Each one of these took a very short amount of time to manifest, but we can get cool ideas from them in the future. Also, they are quite beneficial when we want to do some warm-up sketches to loosen up, why not take dual-advantage and make new and wild ideas?? Yee?